With a breathtaking panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh city, Epic Sky Lounge welcomed its first customers on the Eve of 2020. The local nightlife turned to us for the brand identity.

Epic Sky Lounge perch on the 17th floor of a building on Vo Van Kiet boulevard, overlooking Saigon river and the central downtown of District One, where bursting with nightlife activities. Designed by Saville-based architecture firm, oooa, Epic space is arranged over two floors. The first consist of the lounge bar and the second floor host VIP terrace area. One of the major highlights of the design is the canopy rooftop. The installation features a web of color changing circle tube light mimicking the traditional ’non la’.

The design team crafted the identity with the intention to complement with the architecture design. To create the pictorial mark, we reconstructed the rooftop in 3D and try to look for an angle that visually pleasing to the eye. To complete the modern look, we customized Acumin condensed typeface with letter ‘P’ stay within the x height. The result is a simple yet bold and confident wordmark.

For the color palette, we use the golden shade of the sunset and the night sky blue. Application is set on Archivo font family to adding extra urban touch to the menu, stationery and other print collaterals.