Merlin for Men is a facial care product that helps removing sweat, dirt and excess oil. xolve has developed the branding for the skincare line, including visual identity and packaging design. Being one of the few cosmetic products for men, Merlin develop its own unique formula. The facial wash is made of chamomile extract, snail secretion filtrate, peptide, Vitamin B3 and BHA that helps control oiliness, reduce irritation, prevent acne and correct dark spots.

Working closely with Merlin founders, Phong and Minh, the design team crafted the brand identity around the concept of masculinity to appeal to its target audience. The lettermark was custom designed based on Avenir, then we marry it with juicy handwriting. This results in a minimal yet elegant look and feel. For supporting typography, we use Neometric typeface, featuring a clean and friendly approach.

The product is packaged in a dark grey tube with matte finish. The dark tone and material imply top-notch quality and masculinity. The same color tone and similar material are used throughout the application.

Model photography by Merlin for Men