Phephe offer fresh juice product that taste and nutrition go hand to hand. All product is free from artificial sugar and preservative. Raw ingredients are picked fresh from the fertile Mekong Delta, where considered to be the nationwide orchard of Vietnam. xolve  worked on a full scope project from naming, visual identity to product design, and packaging. The objective was to create a young and dynamic brand, which target consumers range from 15-35. Still, the product also has to be radical enough to attract different groups of consumers.

In Vietnamese, ‘phê’ |fe| means the state of being happiness and relaxation.  ‘phê phê’ is a reduplicative word, which means fun to pronounce and easy to remember. We made a small twist to turning the caret mark upside down. The mark is a playful integration to the wordmark, imitating a smile or laughing eyes The design team steered away from the option of using real fruit photography into the label design. Instead, we came up with a set of minimalist illustrations that blend with the overall brand characteristics.

To give the product a dynamic look and standout from the shelf, we steer away from the usual anthropomorphic form. Instead, to showcase the brand promise only deliver juice that not only good in taste but high in nutrition, we use the square shape to elicits masculine, and energetic associations.