SGNX is a platform for derivative trading. The company develops the full range of services including brokerage, consulting, research, and risk management services for institutional clients and individual investors. SGNX becomes a member of Mercantile Exchange of Vietnam in April 2020 and partners with global trading platforms and brokerage firms like ICE, TOCOM, CEE, Phillips Capitals, R.J. O’Brien, etc. xolve was commissioned to design the startup identity.

The design team approach was to focus the letter X, which abbreviated for ‘ exchange’. The letter X comprises of two woven halves, each represented sellers and buyers. The knot conveys the message of trust, connection, professionalism. The symbol also illustrates SGNX focus on mutual benefits and adding values to the community.

The application is developed around the minimalism ethos. A soft gradient of blue and light violet is used as accent color. The typography is set in the friendly sans serif Archivo font family for all communication.