Cho Nami is a new cosmetic brand recently introduced in Ho Chi Minh City. With the mission “rescue the Vietnamese skin”, Cho Nami products are developed by Japanese cosmetic expert with its own unique formula. The main ingredient of the product is taken from pure mineral springs of Fuji mountain, cherry blossom extract and esoteric yeast sake, which highly benign for all skin types.

Cho Nami has three lines of product: Aurora, Enchanted and Clean Protect. Each has different materials and colors. To achieve likeliness and photorealistic look, the team pay attention to the most minor details both in the surfaces and inside parts of the products. xolve has also used physical base rendering application to enhance the lifelike look of the product.

Enchanted Set

This line of product specializes in skin anti-aging. The cleanser product is made of polyethylene while the serum product is made from glass. All product is cover with a light dusty orange colour and sparkling flake layer that is only visible under direct light.

Cho Nami Clean Protect Product, xolve branding, mỹ phẩm, xolve, cosmetic 3d rendering

Aurora Set

Aurora is skin whitening products. Most of the materials is similar with the enchanted set except they has a subtle layer of nacre.

Cho Nami Aurora Product, Dưởng trắng da, xolve branding, mỹ phẩm, xolve, cosmetic 3d

Clean - Protect Set

A set of skin cleansing and protection products that contains Japanese sake yeast extraction and pure mineral water from the Fuji Stream. Clean-protect is noticeable with its cherry red glossy surface.

Cho Nami Clean Protect Product, xolve branding, mỹ phẩm, xolve, cosmetic, 3d rendering