Nghia Thanh Vien Dong

Manufacturing & Industrial

Brand identity

Project team
Thanh Binh
Linh Phan
Milan Le
Tien Bui
Duc Quy
Doan Thuc
Tra Tran
Mash Pham
Khoa Huynh

Nghia Thanh Vien Dong, a prominent construction company in Ho Chi Minh City, faces the evolving landscape of the construction materials industry. With forecasts of rapid growth, the company aims to redefine its identity to seize emerging opportunities despite having a decade-long reputation and serving major enterprises and national projects.

xolve undertakes comprehensive market research and strategic segmentation to address this evolving landscape. The target audience is divided into core users and clients, each exhibiting distinct preferences. Core users prioritize service quality and cost-effectiveness, while clients are categorized into service-focused and partnership-focused segments, seeking varied aspects like quality, service, reliability, and strategic planning.

Employing touchpoint mapping, xolve ensures client satisfaction by focusing on service excellence, responsiveness, effective execution, and continual development. Crafted around the values of “Devote – Share – Dream,” the brand messaging aligns Nghia Thanh Vien Dong’s ethos with its vision for a sustainable and prosperous future, emphasizing competency in every structure built.

The emblematic logo design, integrating the letters “N” and “T” with three columns, symbolizes strength, integrity, and synergy, embodying the company’s prestige and success.

Nghia Thanh Vien Dong’s strategic pivot marks a new chapter in its expansion trajectory, laying the groundwork for international growth. As the company plans to ascend to premier status, its vision aligns with industry sustainability and development, poised to contribute significantly to the sector’s growth and global presence.