Nghia Thanh Vien Dong

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Thanh Binh
Linh Phan
Milan Le
Tien Bui
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According to the report of Agriseco, the construction materials industry is forecasted to grow faster than ever. The demand of many developed countries such as Japan, the US, and EU countries will recover to pre-pandemic levels in 2022.

Nghia Thanh Vien Dong is an enthusiastic construction company in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. The brand is now one of the major suppliers to many large enterprises as well as key national projects in the south: Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort, Samsung Vietnam factory, Bcon Garden, etc.

With 10 years of experience and a high reputation in the market, Nghia Thanh Vien Dong owns a complete and synchronous facility, warehousing, and transportation system with professional technical support services. To discover more opportunities, the company needs a stronger and more unique identity to highlight itself.

After doing market research and delineating the business model, we divide the target audience into two different types of segments, including the people who use the products (core users) and the clients (buyers).

The core user prefers the best possible service. They are price-sensitive and have only basic requirements, expecting long-lasting results in execution. Our analysis is based on three levels: core functional jobs, related jobs, and emotional jobs.

Meanwhile, there are two classifications of buyers including service-focused and partnership-focused. The service-focused segment has high requirements in quality and range of products, aftersales, delivery service, etc. The partnership-focused segment usually seeks trust and reliability, regarding the supplier as a strategic planner.

Aiming to maximize opportunities, xolve sets up touchpoint mapping to ensure clients are satisfied with the value offers: (1) making the grade, (2) responding quickly, (3) executing effectively, and (4) developing constantly.

“Devote – Share – Dream” defines Nghia Thanh Vien Dong. From there, we craft the brand messaging to align with the values as the company is heading towards building a sustainable and successful future. Whether big or small, every building demonstrates its competency.
Nghia Thanh Vien Dong’s logo is simple yet prominent. The two-letter “N” and “T” are the main element. The assembly of three columns denotes a strong stand in the construction industry constitutes the letter “N”. While then, right on the part of the letter “N”, the letter “T” emphasises the synergy between Nghĩa (prestige) and Thành (success).

Taking everything together, the company has entered a new era of expansion, setting the foundation to rise overseas. In the future, Nghia Thanh Vien Dong plans to become a first-rate company as well as contribute to the industry’s sustainable development.