Last week Forbes announced Asia’s 50 best big public company, Mobile World Investment, known as Thế Giới Di Động, is the one and only company in Vietnam make the list. If you own a cell phone, chances you at least visit one of its stores and experience their customer services. With hundreds of store spreading across the country, Mobile World is easy to spot with its distinct vibrant yellow. No matter where the location, busy business district or faraway country town, the level of service remains consistently. There are number of reason account for the company’s huge success. One of key factors is how Mobile World keep its brand consistency.

Keeping brand values

We are living in the world where the attention span is becoming a new currency. Consumers are bombarded with all kinds of distraction and competition is fierce to most of the industry. To have a voice and stand out in the noisy world, engagement between brand and the customers, both online and offline, is now matter more than ever.

A strong brand always keeps its promise across all touchpoints and through time build consumer trust and loyalty. This is where building a consistent brand comes into play. One of the vivid examples for the is the last year global creative campaign ‘Taste the Feeling’ by the giant Coca Coca. The company made a huge shift in its marketing strategy for the first time by uniting all Coke Trademark into a ‘one brand’ campaign.

Coca cola advertising
The global push includes an anthem commercial, contextualised for different countries, and a set of television commercials, offer intimate glimpses into stories, feelings and moments people share while enjoying Coca-Cola. At the close of each spot, the family of Coca-Cola products unite under the iconic red Coca-Cola disc. Image: Coca-Cola

Don't follow trends

Very often, company fail to uphold the brand promises or derail from its original values. This may happen when brand open to a number of changes and customization. One of the common mistake company make is to keep up with trends. It’s tempting to apply the latest trends to refresh one brand, but there is a big difference between renewing your brand and keep its core identity and values.

Consumers likely trust brands they recognize. By giving a seamless experience across every medium, they become more dependable in your brand and there higher chance they purchase from you again.

Being consistency essentially goes beyond the identity, product or services themselves. Each and every individual, departments in your company has an important role in keeping brand coherently. This also requires a strong internal branding strategy, especially if your company operate on a large scale. Does staying consistency means that your brand can not change? When your company is growing onto bigger scale or there are signs of brand fatigue, it is time to evolve or expand.

Building a consistent brand is a haunted task that requires effort, vision and strategy. Here are a few helpful guides to achieve brand consistency:

  • Frequently conduct internal branding training to make sure everyone in the organization acknowledges brand core values and brand promises. Each person is a brand ambassador.
  • High quality training is important for employees who directly contact with customers.
  • Listen and ask for feedback from consumers, communication and adjust to their need accordingly.
  • And finally, differentiation can go a long way. Don’t follow trends, pick a style and keep it recognizable across all channels.

How do you see your brand? Are you keeping consistently keeping your brand promises? Let us know or contact xolve branding to discuss more.