Working at xolve

We are always eating. We stock snacks ritually.

We make plans for individual growth, aside from pathing them to build their own.

We indeed have humor. But funny folks don't say that anyways.

We guide with details. No such thing as "figure out yourself" or "do only what I say".

Dress to impress or just dress, we couldn’t care less.

Earphones in focus time, laughter (maybe) anytime.

xolvers’ identity

We like people are just good humans. We show gratitude for little things. We connect by mundane human experiences.

It is not the resource, but rather the person, that we wish to nurture. We stay true to our progress and fill our heads with inspiration.

Failure is an option, doing nothing isn’t. We ask tough questions, challenge best ideas, and fail hard, to push great things to happen.

We don’t call ourselves a “family”. We care to share. We step up for each other and step back when needed.