Brand identity

Project team
Sophie Watson
Khoa Huynh
Cindy Le
Lam Na Ny
Tri Nguyen


Ambrosia Cafe Bistro, a new entrant to Ho Chi Minh City’s vibrant culinary scene, sought to distinguish itself from a saturated market. The cafe aimed to offer a unique experience encompassing delectable local Vietnamese and fusion cuisine, exceptional service, and an ambiance that would appeal to a broad clientele. To achieve this, Ambrosia required a compelling brand identity that would capture the essence of their vision and resonate with customers.


xolve embarked on a comprehensive branding journey with Ambrosia, handling everything from naming and visual identity to interior design and photography. The process commenced with a carefully curated naming strategy, culminating in “Ambrosia,” a term rooted in Greek mythology, symbolizing the food and drink of the gods. This name elegantly encapsulates the café’s ambition to offer a transcendent dining experience.

xolve’s design team developed a vibrant visual identity centered around a captivating analogous color scheme of canary yellow, orange, and deep-sea green. These colors evoke a sense of warmth, energy, and creativity, establishing an inviting atmosphere for patrons. The key visual, inspired by the fluidity of scents and flavors, features abstract shapes and distorted perspectives, and is artfully applied to menus, packaging, and interior elements.

The logo, designed for instant recognition, also incorporates the concept of flow and movement. The stylized “a” mirrors the fluid effect of the key visual, while the tilted “o” adds a playful touch, aligning with the brand’s desire to attract a young and trendy demographic.

xolve’s interior design expertise further elevated Ambrosia’s ambiance. A classic Indochine style, juxtaposed with the vibrant color palette, creates a space that feels both luxurious and inviting. This design choice appeals to a diverse customer base, offering a sophisticated yet comfortable environment.

To complete the brand experience, xolve visually directed Ambrosia’s photography. High-contrast images with bold colors and sharp shadows emphasize the textures and hues of the cafe’s culinary creations. The result is a visual feast that tantalizes the senses and complements the overall brand narrative.


Ambrosia Cafe Bistro has emerged as a captivating destination in Ho Chi Minh City. Its distinctive brand identity, characterized by a harmonious blend of mythological inspiration, vibrant visuals, and thoughtful design, sets it apart from competitors. The café’s warm and inviting atmosphere, combined with its delectable menu and exceptional service, promises patrons an unforgettable dining experience that truly lives up to the name Ambrosia.

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