Brand identity

Project team
Thanh Binh
Thanh Thao
Quyen Tran
Anh Chu
Linh Phan
Xuan Cuong
Thao Anh
Khoa Huynh

ChooChoo, echoing the rhythmic rumble of a train, is a Vietnamese educational company determined to make learning fun and accessible. Founded by a mother seeking high-quality flashcards for her own children, ChooChoo embarked on a mission to bridge the gap in the market with toys that are not only playful but also proudly made in Vietnam. Partnering with xolve, ChooChoo brought its vision to life, creating a brand identity that resonates with millennial parents and fuels a love for learning in their young children.


Addressing the lack of visually appealing and high-quality flashcards readily available, ChooChoo sought to establish itself as a premium educational brand that prioritizes both design and quality. Conveying the value proposition of “Learn through play and make learning fun” resonated with millennial parents, the target audience seeking engaging and enriching experiences for their children aged 0-2 years old.


xolve crafted a brand identity that embodied ChooChoo’s core values. The logo, a minimalist and abstract train, serves as a metaphorical companion for mothers and children on their learning journey. The color palette, anchored by bright blue and white, conveys trust, purity, and a touch of whimsy. A vibrant secondary palette adds playful pops of color, while the iconography, integrated within the dynamic railway pattern on packaging and applications, reinforces the brand’s fun and engaging personality.


ChooChoo’s launch has been a resounding success. The flashcards, featuring topics like transportation, animals, emotions, fruits and vegetables, and occupations, have captivated young learners and their parents alike. The brand identity, lauded for its clean lines, friendly aesthetic, and emphasis on sustainability, resonates with the target audience. ChooChoo’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials and supporting the community through charitable giving further strengthens its appeal.

As ChooChoo steams ahead, its vision extends beyond flashcards. With a long-term goal of expanding to other educational toys and exporting globally, the brand is well-positioned for sustainable growth. The strong foundation ensures that ChooChoo can continue to deliver high-quality, playful learning experiences that nurture young minds while staying true to its commitment to design, quality, and social responsibility.

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