DSC Securities


Brand identity
Website development

Project team
Linh Phan
Thanh Binh
Milan Le
Tra Tran
Mash Pham
Doan Thuc
Minh Chau
Khanh Linh
Khoa Huynh

In the midst of a rapid surge in the stock market, DSC collaborated with xolve amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-2021. Navigating the swiftly growing securities market became a significant challenge for financial service firms. DSC sought strategic support during this accelerated growth. Recognizing the need to forge robust connections between consumers and providers for unparalleled success, DSC aimed not solely for expertise but also instilling customer confidence, encapsulated by their core value: “Together to Success.”

xolve redesigned the logo by integrating two bars within the letter, resembling both a bar chart, a key indicator in stock market analysis, and candlesticks used in financial analysis. The revamped logo encapsulated modernism, globalism, and professionalism, aligning with DSC’s primary ethos. Green, symbolizing prosperity and future financial gains, became the emblematic color code, underscoring DSC’s commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction within the investment landscape.

The bars in the logo also represented growth, a pivotal goal in the financial services industry. This symbolized DSC’s promise—”Together to Success”—fostering partnerships and guiding stakeholders towards achieving collective prosperity. As a Vietnam-based securities firm, DSC prepared to expand its branch networks across the nation, amplifying its reach and impact.

Following the strategic launch of their reconstructed brand identity, DSC realized significant achievements. It’s capital reserve increase to 1,000 billion VND, marking a notable milestone. In 2021, the brand’s tax-exclusive revenue soared to approximately 25 billion, surpassing expectations by an impressive 211%.

This triumphant evolution stands as a testament to DSC’s commitment to growth, prosperity, and customer-centricity. The surge in revenue and capital underscores the success of their brand revitalization, signaling an exciting chapter for DSC’s expansion and influence in the financial services landscape.