DSC Securities


Brand identity
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Project team
Linh Phan
Thanh Binh
Milan Le
Tra Tran
Mash Pham
Doan Thuc
Minh Chau
Khanh Linh
Khoa Huynh

In recent years, the securities market has been witnessing tremendous growth, providing opportunities for passive income. It is crucial for financial services companies to reckon with internal responsibility and external validation. DSC understands that raising the level of such linkages between consumers and providers will produce the utmost success. That’s why they concentrate not only on their proficiency but also on the sense of assurance to customers. This has been signified through their innate merit: “Together to Success”.

Wholly inspired by the prior identity that is embedded with DSC’s primary values, the new logo aims to preserve such merits, yet represents the advent of a new era. DSC’s logo radically manifests modernism, globalism, and professionalism.

To financial services, green is the wishful color code signaling a bright future awaits with capital gains. By domesticating the definition of success in the investment sector to their logo color, DSC commits to customer satisfaction once they enter the market.

In the financial services industry, growth is the end goal. This uttermost inspired design theory to adapt bar chart, which serves tracking and comparing purpose, as the indication for their promise – “Together to Success”.
DSC, paving the financial way since June 2006, is all about boosting customers’ prosperity. Their motto “Together to Success” fuels partners towards achievements. Now, this Vietnam-based securities firm is gearing up to spread its branch networks nationwide.

After launching the identity for further reconstruction master plan, DSC has succeeded in raising its authorized capital to 1,000 billion VND. In 2021, the brand’s tax-exclusive revenue reached about 25 billion and went beyond expectation by 211%.