Brand identity

Project team
Khoa Huynh
Tri Nguyen
Lam Na Ny

Duc Bui

The story began when Mandy became pregnant with her firstborn, Grace. After months of researching nutrition information, she learned that tastes and eating habits are formed during early childhood. Baby brain, their senses and fat cell production are shaped during the first sixth to twelfth month. While natural homemade food may be the best for the little ones, not many parents have the time or energy to prepare the proper meal. That’s why Mandy created Kiddyummy. xolve was commissioned to craft the brand identity and packaging design for the new startup.

Kiddyummy products do not contain the Big 8 allergens which also include dairy products and meat. The line of the product includes different categories: First Taste, First Meals, First Blends (Basic and Complex), First Meal and First Snacks with some 40 recipes to choose from. Hygiene and food safety is the top priority, Kiddyummy prepares the product in an open kitchen and visitor are welcome.

Aiming to incorporate the playfulness while retaining the professionalism of the brand, the design team has created the wordmark from scratch. Mischievous letter ‘K’ or jolly letter ‘Y’ with detail mimicking the little tongue. We also designed a set of icons to complement the logomark.

For packaging, the glass jar is used to prevent food absorption and gems. A soft and appealing color palette with monochromatic stripes are used to distinguish the category and completes the cheerful look.