NMI Steel


Brand identity
Spatial design

Project team
Thanh Binh
Anh Tu
Loi Ta
Mash Pham
Linh Phan
Khoa Huynh


Thép Nguyễn Minh – Nguyen Minh Steel Trading Joint Stock Company (NMI), an established leader in the Vietnamese steel industry, recognized the need to modernize its brand identity. After 20 years, their previous image lagged behind the dynamic, fast-growing steel market. NMI sought a fresh and contemporary brand expression that would resonate with its diverse clientele while underscoring its commitment to quality and service.


xolve embarked on a strategic rebranding initiative, focusing on refining rather than completely overhauling NMI’s visual identity. Key elements of the existing logo were maintained while subtle adjustments were made to enhance legibility and create a sense of movement, signaling NMI’s forward-thinking approach.

Understanding the diverse needs of NMI’s target audiences was crucial. xolve tailored its design strategy to accommodate the distinct priorities of its clients, from traders to CEOs across various industries. NMI’s commitment to excellence, people-centric philosophy, and social responsibility was reflected in the refined brand identity and communication messages.

The custom typeface, NMI Steel Regular, underwent strategic modifications. The letters “E” and “P” were cut at a 30-degree angle, aligning with the abstract mark and adding a touch of dynamism. The letter “I” was designed to resemble steel structures, subtly reinforcing NMI’s core business. xolve extended the brand’s visual language across applications, ensuring a seamless experience online and offline. Additionally, a master plan was created to reimagine NMI’s interior space, leveraging material boards, construction drawings, and models for a cohesive and modern environment.


The revitalized brand identity effectively communicates NMI’s continuous transformation, commitment to quality, and adaptability in a rapidly growing market. The refinement of the existing logo maintains brand recognition while signaling NMI’s position as a forward-thinking leader in the steel industry. NMI’s dedication to serving diverse clients and its contributions to both its people and society are reinforced through the brand’s updated messaging and visual elements.

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