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Linh Phan
Nghi Huynh
Thanh Binh
Quynh Ai
Khoa Huynh
Jei Nguyen
Thanh Ngoc
Khanh Linh

FPDB Creative

Following the midst of bygone chaos ultimately comes the tender reunion of people, memories, fortunes and love. Betokening the long-awaited homecoming of a fulfilled lunar new year, xolve has devoted nostalgic sentiments and solidarity into our gift box, named “Xuan Phung” (Spring of Reunion), that consolidates the five plenitude blessings of wealth (Phú), status (Quý), longevity (Thọ), health (Khang), and peace (Ninh).

The seasonal celebration may be temporary, but the contentment can still be prolonged by the euphoric evocation from springtime fragrances. By utilizing the most passionate recall mechanism – sense of smell, xolve chooses scented candles to instill the true heart-warming ambience of spring festivals and gatherings into one’s home, instead of conventional eatery alternatives.

In collaboration with ye(o)ubi – a newly established lifestyle brand, we come up with five aromatic notes of springtime: fruity for the fleshy refreshments; floral for the eternal blooming flowers; citrus for the zesty air of newness; aquatic for the oceanic mixed with earthy flux; and green for the indulgence into grassy nature. ​​​​​​​​​

xolve takes another step further with this year’s spiritual animal, tiger, upon Xuan Phung’s distinct aesthetic. The minimalized drawings of candles’ labels are stimulated from the folklore “Tranh Ngũ Hổ”, in which the congruent pentalogy of tigers and scents symbolize utmost guardian and potency of each proposed virtue. Such balance is completed with multiple abstract representations of Vietnamese signature natural and human-made domains, ranging from terraces, mountains, coastlines to other mesmerizing landscapes.

The final touches to finesse the experience are accompanied by a matchbox and a set of “red envelopes” (bao lì xì) placed in a small drawer. The decorated messages on each are wholly presented by stamping and printing technique, making the final result more pleasingly prominent.