Brand identity

Project team
Lam Na Ny
Tri Nguyen
Khoa Huynh

Westway is a high-end international dental clinic located in Ha Do Complex, Ho Chi Minh City. The new dental clinic got its name from the target customers they serve: western tourists and expatriates. The founders have already been operating another successful dental clinic, Westway set their goal to be one of the top dental clinics in town. xolve was on board from the beginning to craft their visual identity.

The design team designed the logo around the concept of a circle, which represent the sun. As the saying goes, ‘the sun sets in the west. In Latin, the sun is called Occident, mean the west as well. The design is also constructed based on the round shape of the compass with the letter ‘W’ placed in the West position.

The logotype is set in Copperplate, a gothic typeface designed Frederic W. Goudy and released by American Type Founders in 1901. The design of the typography is reminiscent of the stone carving and copperplate engraving techniques.

The team then incorporates this into the application design. For indoor and outdoor signages, the letter is cut out on copperplate. The backlit illuminate the round shape to mimic the sun. Emerald green and golden sun are chosen as brand colors.

The interior design of the Westway dental also follows suit. The space looks luxurious, modern with a touch of neoclassic. Copper is one of the main materials of the furniture. There are vintages decoration items here and there. The waiting room is painted with green to create a sense of calm.