Brand identity

Project team
Thanh Binh
Linh Phan
Milan Le
Khanh Linh
Tra Tran
Khoa Huynh
Mash Pham
Doan Thuc
Minh Chau

With the goal of restructuring the organization, YTECO invited xolve to redefine their brand strategy and their existing brand identity.

xolve divide YTECO’s target audiences into four groups based on their purpose of products purchasing which include (1) Import-export authorization: Domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies; (2) Importing & trading homecare medical devices: Pharmacy chains and medical device dealers; (3) Importing & trading medicines: Hospital, clinic, pharmacy; and (4). Distributing: Foreign enterprises that do not have a logistics system in Vietnam.
From there, we craft the brand messaging for YTECO to better communicate and express the values with their partners. Our communication theme redefines the standard of medical care in Vietnam, as YTECO want to bring to their customers the peace of mind that comes from high-quality products.

The red dot in the character “Y” represents the philosophy “take customer-centric” of YTECO, creating a human image wrapped in an arm. This represents the protection, care, and concern of the brand for health. At the same time, the stylized line in the letter Y also describes an uplifting gesture, aiming to improve the quality of the health sector in Vietnam.

Our design team adjusted YTECO’s existing color palette to be brighter and more saturated. Blue evokes trust, responsibility, professionalism of the medical team while red conveys energy and passion for what they do.

The design team chose the letter Y of the logo as a distinctive and recognizable brand asset. This graphic element is adapted dynamically in various application designs from online to offline. It also offers as a scalable icon that can be used as a social media profile picture or signage and environmental graphics.

Within a few month since hand over, YTECO has successfully rolled out its new identity internally and externally across the country. The collaboration between YTECO and xolve not only provides a distinctive foundation for the brand but is also excellently executed and strategically planned for their future.