thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam

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Project team
Khoa Huynh
Lam Na Ny
Quynh Ai
Nghi Huynh
Thanh Ngoc
Khanh Linh

Ai Canh Thien


ThyssenKrupp Materials Vietnam (TMV) sought to introduce FASSADE, a new line of innovative aluminum sheets, to the Vietnamese market. However, the challenge lay in differentiating FASSADE in a market dominated by traditional narratives of strength and durability. TMV needed a visual identity that would highlight the unique flexibility and creative potential of their product while staying true to the company’s established values.

xolve partnered with TMV to develop a key visual identity that would position FASSADE as a canvas for creativity. xolve focused on showcasing the product’s lightweight, high-pressure resistance, and pliability through a series of dynamic patterns. These patterns, ranging from dimple and polygon to organic leaf-like designs, were meticulously crafted to emphasize FASSADE’s versatility.

To further enhance the visual impact, xolve employed 3D techniques to apply these patterns to the aluminum sheets. This approach not only provided a realistic representation of the product’s potential but also imbued the materials with a sense of artistry.

The resulting collaterals and video content artfully blend strength and grace, showcasing FASSADE’s scientific properties and artistic potential. Through meticulous attention to detail, xolve ensured seamless integration of all elements, presenting a cohesive and compelling brand narrative.


By emphasizing FASSADE’s creative flexibility, xolve amplified TMV’s unique voice in the market. The new visual identity transcends the traditional discourse surrounding building materials, positioning FASSADE as both an innovation and a medium for artistic expression. This fresh approach has resonated with architects, designers, and builders, solidifying TMV’s reputation as a leader in the evolving construction industry.

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