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Khoa Huynh
Lam Na Ny
Quynh Ai
Nghi Huynh
Thanh Ngoc
Khanh Linh

Ai Canh Thien

With the explosive economic development, the needs for building materials have been evolving. It’s not the only stage for durability and affordability when flexibility and sustainability quickly rise in importance. While the media has been overwhelming us with the concept of impregnable, mighty yet lifeless buildings, the outstanding are ones that dare to go against the tide.

ThyssenKrupp Materials Vietnam, a member of ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc., is a leading North American distributor of production materials and provider of integrated supply chain solutions. The company was going to introduce FASSADE, a new line of aluminum sheets with lightweight, high-pressure resistance and proper pliability, to the Vietnam market. Not a newcomer, yet standing out in a category that seemed to have only one way to talk about itself isn’t a simple task. From there, ThyssenKrupp Materials Vietnam (TMV) sought our help to craft the key visual identity that connected to its values and structure the catalog for FASSADE in a way that gets an impression.

Working closely with TMV, xolve decided to highlight the flexibility of the aluminum sheets, bring them out as a canvas for creative purposes. A set of patterns was developed to illuminate this function of FASSADE, varying from dimple, polygon to leaf-like patterns. We also use 3D techniques to apply these patterns to the aluminum sheets, giving a more vivid, real look of products to the customers.

From collaterals to video, we aimed to visualize FASSADE both solidly and gracefully. Therefore, our team focused on every detail to make sure they work together seamlessly. We believe this line of aluminum is both science and art, both material and creation itself. By featuring its creative flexibility, xolve has amplified TMV’s distinguish voice, because voice is not merely how a brand talks while its look speaks a thousand words instead.